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Nölle Kunststofftechnik GmbH


The content of this website has been carefully compiled and verified. However, this information and/or data is provided by Nölle Kunststofftechnik without any guarantee as to its correctness, completeness or quality whether explicit or implicit. Nölle Kunststofftechnik will accept no liability for damage either of a material or ethical nature arising from the use or non-use of the information provided, or from incorrect or incomplete information except in cases of gross negligence or criminal intent on the part of Nölle Kunststofftechnik. Moreover, Nölle Kunststofftechnik is not liable for direct or indirect damage (including loss of profit) due to use of the information or data contained in this website. Any rights and duties between Nölle Kunststofftechnik and the user of this website or third parties are also expressly excluded.

Nölle Kunststofftechnik reserves the right to change, add to or cancel the information or data in whole or in any part of the website without prior announcement, or to withdraw their publication at any time. All information or data, their use, logging into the Nölle Kunststofftechnik website and all actions or omissions connected with the Nölle Kunststofftechnik website are subject exclusively to German law. The place of fulfilment and the exclusive legal domicile is Meschede, Germany. Please refer to our general conditions of business.

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Nölle Kunststofftechnik makes every effort to comply with current copyright law. Should however, any unintentional infringement of copyright law occur, Nölle Kunststofftechnik will remove the article from its publication immediately on notification or mark it with the correct copyright. All the brand names and trademarks mentioned on the website which may be protected by third parties are subject without limitation to the provisions of the applicable labelling law and the proprietary rights of the registered proprietor in each case. By reason of naming alone, it should not be assumed that trademarks are not subject to the rights of third parties.

Copyright 2005 Nölle Kunststofftechnik. The copyright for Nölle Kunststofftechnik's own data and information in the domain is owned exclusively by Nölle Kunststofftechnik. The content of this website, in particular all text, illustrations, graphics, logos, webcam images, sound, video and animation files and their arrangements are subject to copyright and other laws governing intellectual property. The legal protection applies also with regard to data bases and similar devices. The contents may be utilised freely only for their intended purpose, i.e. consultation via the internet, and may not be reproduced, disseminated, amended or made available to third parties in any form without the written consent of Nölle Kunststofftechnik. Certain sections of the Nölle Kunststofftechnik website also contain images which are subject to copyright by third parties. Unless otherwise stated, all trade names on the Nölle Kunststofftechnik site are registered trademarks. However, Nölle Kunststofftechnik grants the user the right to use, store electronically, reproduce and/or transmit in whole or in part the text, images and graphics on this website for publishing purposes as defined by current press and copyright law. In such cases, Nölle Kunststofftechnik must be named as the source or author and a copy submitted to Nölle Kunststofftechnik. On the other hand, the use, electronic storage, reproduction or transmission of the logos, webcam images, sound, video and animation files and their arrangements contained on the Nölle Kunststofftechnik website requires the prior written consent of Nölle Kunststofftechnik. The text, images, graphics, logos etc. appearing on the Nölle Kunststofftechnik website may neither be altered nor copied and/or used for commercial purposes on other websites.The Nölle Kunststofftechnik website confers no licence rights whatsoever with regard to the intellectual property of Nölle Kunststofftechnik.All the brand names and logos mentioned and identified accordingly on the Nölle Kunststofftechnik website are registered trademarks

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Should Nölle Kunststofftechnik refer directly or indirectly to external websites (links) Nölle Kunststofftechnik will be liable only in cases where Nölle Kunststofftechnik has exact knowledge of the content of such sites and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent their use in case of illegal content.

Nölle Kunststofftechnik is not responsible for the content of such linked websites and declares explicitly that the time of inclusion of the link, the linked site was free of illegal content. Nölle Kunststofftechnik has no influence on the present or future design or content of the linked sites. For this reason, Nölle Kunststofftechnik also dissociates itself expressly with all alterations and amendments in content to which the linked sites have been subjected since the link was included. This declaration applies for all the links and references included in Nölle Kunststofftechnik's own website, as well as for external contributions to visitors' books, discussion forums and mailing lists set up by Nölle Kunststofftechnik. Nölle Kunststofftechnik is not responsible for the content, availability, correctness or accuracy of the linked sites, the products they offer, their links or advertisements. For this reason, Nölle Kunststofftechnik is not responsible for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content or for damage incurred through the use or non-use of the information offered on the linked sites.

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This disclaimer should be regarded as part of the website which contained the reference to this site. Should parts or individual formulations in this text not, no longer or not fully comply with current law, the content and validity of the other parts of the document will not be affected thereby.

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Auf dieser Website werden durch Technologien der etracker GmbH ( Daten in anonymisierter Form zu Marketing- und Optimierungszwecken gesammelt und gespeichert. Aus diesen Daten werden unter einem Pseudonym Nutzungsprofile erstellt. Die Daten werden nicht dazu benutzt, den Besucher dieser Website persönlich zu identifizieren.

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Nölle Kunststofftechnik GmbH

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§6 TDG/§10 MDStV

Nölle Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Im Schlahbruch 20-22

D-59872 Meschede

Company Member / Manager:

Heike Ohle


Anselm Gröning

Place of the company:


Comercial Register:

HRB 3126

Comercial Court Arnsberg











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